Zenfolio | Chef's Roll: Chef Ambassador Program | July 2016
Sweet Corn and Seafood Chowder, Classic White Sturgeon Caviar, Shaved Lobster MushroomsSummer Ahi Poke with OrangeSumac Encrusted Lamb Loin Piment d'Ville Spiced Heirloom Tomato JusSprouted Einkorn Wheat CroissantsSour Cream and Onion%22Sour cream Panna Cotta with CaviarSmoked Salmon and Caviar BriocheScallop Ceviche with Peach Vinaigrette, Charred Beech Mushroom, Pickled Petit VegetablesScallop Ceviche on top of crispy plantain crumbssalmon-caviar--2Oxtail with TruffleOsetra  Caviar with Asparagus, Yuzu:Ginger:Honey Sabayon Espuma and Rose cured Egg YolkNorthern Alaskan Halibut Mousse with Wasabi TobikoLobster Mushroom TerrineJerk QuailJapanese A5 Wagyu | Wax Bean | Micro Pak Choy | Fresh Wasabi | TruffleWhite Gulf Shrimp Ceviche Habanero Herb Crystals Lemon GeléeIMG_0047Sweet Corn and Seafood Chowder, Classic White Sturgeon Caviar, Shaved Lobster MushroomsHazelnut NougatineHawaiian big eye seared ahi and poached Squid stuffed with smoked marlin pate with pickled fried plantain