Zenfolio | Chef's Roll: Chef Ambassador Program | Callebaut June CAP

Chocolate espresso cremeux, Florida orange puree, Orange Culinary Crystals, Cinnamon Ice CreamChocolate mousse with fresh berries, cranberry fruit crystals and habanero herb crystalsWhite chocolate mousse-accino, espresso crunchwhite chocolate & sour cream brownie, nougatine, burnt marshmallow, strawberry soup, micro orchidWhite chocolate mascarpone cheesecake with a carbonated candy'Callebaut Revolutions'Chocolate waffle taco, vanilla chocolate mascarpone, crunchy chocolate snowGâteau au Foie Gras White Chocolate Ganache | Crispearls Pulled SugarSummer Corn Donut, White Chocolate Glaze, Florida Blueberry Puree, Salted Caramel, PopcornTaste of South Florida%22 Cafe Colada Churros, Florida Lychee and White Chocolate Ganache, Habanero Herb CrystalsSummer Black Molé, Spanish Peanut Snow, Eggplant.  Double tapWhite chocolate tart, raspberry, Aleppo honeyWhite chocolate raspberry torte, salmon berries, Aleppo honeyIlluminated White Chocolate SphereHazelnut Nougatine